Disclaimer for techburnspot

Hello friends today, we will introduce you to the disclaimer of our website and it is necessary for you to know that if you have any doubt after reading our article, then you can ask for it on our email and no money will go in it and we will Will definitely answer the question. Thank you.

Disclaimers for techburnspot

Friends, the information that we put on our website is for everyone's hit, so that people can learn something new about technology and computers and move forward. If someone copies our content or uses it in wrong things, then he himself will not be responsible for it and we will not have any hand in it, so you should not copy our content.

Do not use the link of our website for wrong things anywhere, only share it in a good place which is legal such as Facebook whatsapp etc. But do not do anything wrong from the URL of our website, otherwise it will be responsible for it itself.


If you use our website, then you will have to have an agreement with the privacy policy and declaration of our website.


We update our website daily, so if there is a change in any information, then we definitely let you know.

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