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Hello friends, today I will tell you what is the privacy policies of our website and if you are a customer of our website, then you need to know them and it is also necessary to read them, then you should visit them on our website( , thank you.

Google Adsense Policies.

If you come to our website, you do not have to click on Google's ad repeatedly on our website, it is against our policy and if you do this, then you will be responsible for that and we will ban your account from your website, so you Do not click on the add on our website repeatedly.

Children's Policies

Computer and technology related information is available on our website which is absolutely legal and we do not mention any illegal content and the content of our website so this content is useless for 13 year olds people. So, do not visit 13-year-old children on our website, if you are above 13 years, you can visit our website, but if you are not 13 years old, then you cannot visit our website, it does not come in our policies.

Terms and Conditions.

If you like the content of our website then you can comment but do not make any unnessary comment only for your opinion and your questions, Only share our website in the legal place and if you use the URL of our website in the wrong place, then we will not be responsible for you. or if you want to talk to us, then instead of commenting to us on our email address Talk -

All right reserved.

If anyone gets hurt due to our content, then we apologize on our behalf.

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